About Us

Alliance Consultants was founded by Premal Thakkar in Decmber 2010 with the simple mission to 'Help People Finance Their Needs & Dreams'.

From its inception the pursuit of client satisfaction has been the corner stone of our services, which is what makes us the preferred  choice of advisor amongst our clients. Not only do we help them with making better Investment choices but we are also a sounding board for them to discuss myriad financial issues.

With the change in Indian economy & the socio - economic pattern, plenty of personal finance products are available to the common man. As a result, sound and unbiased advice from a reliable and informed source was required to make prudent financial decisions. Realizing this, the team at Alliance Consultants decided to use its expertise and knowledge to facilitate its patrons further and thereby donned the cap of a Personal Financial Advisory service provider.

Alliance Consultants understood that as investments in financial products were undertaken to fulfill future responsibilities and dreams. It is essential to comprehend the motives behind any investment exercise before providing advisory services. Against the backdrop of a thorough understanding of an individual's purpose, Alliance Consultants team comprehended that responsibilities and dreams could be achieved by synchronization of income, expenses, assets and liabilities; and channelizing available resources towards these. The focus thus shifted from 'Helping People Finance Their Needs & Dreams' to 'Transforming Financial Lives'.


Alliance Consultants

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