Financial PLANNING

Comprehensive Financial Planning (CFP), is like constructing a building, by preparing it’s plan first. Not that you can not construct it without a plan, it’s just that it would be far more complicated and prone to numerous errors.

So think of this plan, like a guideline. It will help you understand where you stand financially today, a break-up of your expenses (when was the last time you knew this, probably in school where every penny mattered), what will your expenses look like in future, whether you would be able to generate sufficient assets to cover your retirement (this aspect alone of financial planning is so deep, that we have an altogether separate service for it), what is your comfort zone in taking risk, etc.

These are pertinent questions that you need to have answers to, before you start investing. Otherwise it is like jumping into a boat, and trying to cross the sea, and saying to yourself, should an accident happen, I will learn to swim along the way.

Does it mean that no person, who is unprepared will ever be able to cross the sea. Of course there would be a few lucky ones, but you cannot deny that preparation will increase your chances of survival. (You can read more about this in this fantastic book, by clicking on it’s icon)

So does a CFP guarantee success, certainly not, but it does layout a path for you, and definitely increases your chances of success.

We have a very structured process for undertaking this exercise. And it is highly interactive, so you are sure to enjoy this. There have even been instances where our clients, due to this exercise have gotten hold of some long-ago investment of theirs, that they had totally forgotten about. Imagine hitting upon such a  jackpot.

If you are excited about putting your financial life in order give us a call, for a free, no-obligations, discussion.


  • Data Gathering
  • Data-Analysis (Cash Flow Analysis)
  • Risk Profiling
  • Report Preperation

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